The Monta App

Electric Vehicle Charger Home Installation
The Monta Charging App

Home charging solution for EV drivers

Charge your EV on your terms. With Monta you have full control over your charging experience, at home or on the road.

Complete control over your home charge point

Monta is hardware-agnostic, meaning our software works on most charge point hardware brands and models.

  • With Monta, you can remotely control your home charging
  • Easily share and give charging access to friends, family and guests
  • Set your charger to public with custom schedules and pricing
  • Get charging statistics on kWh, electricity pricing, CO2 and more

Leverage SmartCharge to save money and charge greener

With Monta's app, your charge point becomes truly smart. We use electricity pricing and emission data to help you save money, and help the environment in the process.

Plug your car in and SmartCharge will only charge your car when electricity is cheapest or cleanest. Set how much to charge and until what time, and Monta takes care of the rest.

Enable Auto SmartCharge and Monta will remember your settings, so you just need to plug in your car when you get home.

Integrate with your EV

Seamlessly integrate your EV with Monta

Monta can easily integrate with most EV manufacturer apps and cars. Integrate your car and Monta will get real-time information about the state of charging and battery levels.Eliminate repetitive setups for battery level or kWh calculations.

Monta offers real-time information on your car to maximize your charging experience.

Over 330,000 charge points at your fingertips

The Monta app helps you charge anywhere. We are well on our way to covering 90% of all available charge points in Europe and beyond.

  • Charge at any one of the more than 330,000 charge points available in Europe
  • Easily initiate charging and complete payments via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Monta Wallet
  • Filter by charging speed, price, operator, and much more
Find Charge Points
Find charge point locations
The Monta Charging App

Why Monta?

One app to do it all
Manage and customise access to your charger and track costs and insights for a better home-charging experience.

Manage 3 charge points for free
Our Basic plan allows you to manage up to 3 charge points free of charge.

Compatible with 350+ charge point models
Choose whichever charger model fits your needs and budget.

Easy as 1, 2, 3
Set the charging price and give friends and neighbours access to your charger.

Never worry about an uncharged car
Monta's self-healing algorithm and 96% successful charging rate guarantee your EV will always be charged and ready.

Get your charge points live in under 2 minutes
The fastest way to set up any charger.

Stay future-proof
We’re always on top of new industry regulations and offer features others haven’t even thought of yet.

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