Low-cost home charging for your EV from Lemac

Easy to install, and convenient, the Lemac EV Charger provides an economical and efficient solution to charging your vehicle at home.



Not including installation

Easy to install
Smart technology
Compact design

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High Speed

Charging your EV with a Lemac EV Smart Charger is much faster than using a conventional cable and wall plug, not to mention much safer.


The Lemac EV Smart Charger has all safety features built-in as standard.


Just by using an EV you are reducing your carbon footprint, and helping to reduce air pollution.

Convenience, efficiency and reliability for all EV owners

Power up your electric vehicle with the cutting-edge Lemac EV Charger. Designed to provide a seamless charging experience, our advanced charging solution ensures convenience, efficiency, and reliability for all EV owners. Whether you're at home, work, or on the go, the Lemac EV Charger is your trusted companion for powering up your electric vehicle. 

We are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands

Powered by Monta, we make home charging simple and accessible

powered by Monta
powered by Monta
  • Remotely control your EV charging
  • Edit settings from the app or via web
  • Schedule charges so your car is ready when you are
  • Just scan the QR code or NFC sticker to start a charge
  • Scheduled charging to allow you to select a time for your charges outside peak hours
  • Decide who can use your domestic charge point, when and at what KWH rate
  • Users can request access and you can send invites to neighbours/family members
  • Make your domestic charger private/public or schedule it
  • Real-time information on your car and battery levels to maximize your charging experience
  • Use your preferred payment method - Apple pay, or credit/debit card
  • Cable lock option

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